Comfort Care

Our Hospice House staff and care support team will include certified nurse assistants, end-of-life doulas, professional caregivers, and trained community volunteers—all of whom will work together to provide residents with around-the-clock attentive and compassionate comfort care. Designed to help relieve pain, anxiety, and isolation—and to nurture feelings of love and belonging—comfort care support will help residents experience the highest quality of life throughout the dying process. 

A contemplative approach is at the heart of our care, which means being fully present, truly listening to one another, and being intentional in everything we do—whether it is helping a resident sit up in bed, listening to life stories, giving sips of water, readjusting a pillow, changing a diaper, or simply holding a hand as death nears.

Comfort Care Services Include

bathing, toileting, and dressing

personal grooming

transfers and repositioning

medication management

pain and symptom management

meal preparation and assistance with eating

laundry and housekeeping

integrative wellness therapies

therapeutic touch

music and song at the bedside

reading at the bedside

companionship, listening, and peaceful presence

guidance through the dying process vigil sitting