Admission and Cost

To live at Our Hospice House, residents must:

•be enrolled with a local Hospice organization

•have a medical diagnosis of one month or less to live

•have chosen to stop receiving curative treatments

•have a signed MOLST form indicating Do No Resuscitate (DNR)

•have a designated health care proxy and financial power of attorney

•have a hospice plan for continued care in the case of improvement and discharge for extended prognosis.

Additional admission considerations include:

•No IVs or in-use feeding tubes

•Dementia or Alzheimer’s Disease will be considered on a case-by-case basis

•Mental health issues will be considered on a case-by-case basis, and only if there are no aggressive or violent behaviors

Note: We are in the process of raising money and community awareness and anticipate welcoming residents in Temple/Belton area in 2023. We will have more detailed information about the admission process available at that time.


Our Hospice House will operate at no charge to the resident. We are completely donor supported but that includes family and friends of our guest. The daily cost of caring for our residents is about $300 per day, per resident. We invite our residents, and their family and friends, to contribute more or less as their resources allow.

We rely on the generosity of individuals, local businesses, grant programs, and foundations to support our work. Admission to Our Hospice House is not based on income level or ability to pay. 

Help us provide compassionate end-of-life care for our residents.