Mission and Vision

Not long ago, the majority of us died in the comfort of our own home. Today, 80% of us wish to die at home, yet only 20% of us do. Without around-the-clock caregiving support and/or the financial resources to hire professional caregivers, it quickly becomes untenable to safely stay at home at the end of life. 

As a result, the majority of us are dying in hospitals or other institutions surrounded by bright lights, loud noises, and a busy environment—and often at the expense of our dignity.

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Our Vision is to create an alternative: a community home for living and dying where we join together to take care of each other at the end of life—so none of us have to worry about dying alone. 

Our Mission is to provide around-the-clock hospice-level care in a peaceful, compassionate, and contemplative environment where terminally ill residents can live and die with dignity, comfort, and grace while being cared for with love—at no cost to those in need. 

At Our Hospice House, we support our residents to live as fully as possible until the time of death. We encourage each other to develop a positive and curious relationship toward our shared mortality, and we offer education and resources to help us all make informed and meaningful end-of-life choices. . 

Dying is hard work.
We only do it once, and no one should have to do it alone.