Pre-Death Planning

It’s always too soon. Until it’s too late.

Talking about death and dying can be one of the most difficult conversations to start. It is easy to feel overwhelmed. When we do, however, engage in conversations about the inevitable—and create an end-of-life plan—any fears, worries, and anxieties we felt often begin to dissipate. Advanced planning offers many benefits, including peace of mind, improved end-of-life experiences, and increased ability to live more fully in the present. It is also one of the most meaningful ways to honor life—by bringing conscious choice and contemplative awareness to death. 

Our Hospice House will provide assistance with end-of-life planning by offering consultations for residents and their family and friends. We will provide education and resources for making informed choices when considering end-of-life wishes—including wishes for before, during, and after death. We will also serve as advocates for our residents, ensuring their end-of-life wishes are followed.