Our Leaders

Over the last decade, our leaders have been praying for the creation of a hospice house in Central Texas. In 2021 several gifts from generous donors and non-profit organizations finally got this program in motion.

Our Leadership

Bell County Advisory Council

-Annie McCall brings to our project the experience and love of caring for people in Belton for over 33 years. As the former Director of a first class rehab and nursing home, Annie’s skills to Direct Our Hospice House(s) is second to none.

-Dr Jeff Bates, MD and Jennifer Bates, RN, FNP bring a combined 30+ years of hospice care in the Central Texas area to this project. Jennifer has prayed about this project for over 10 years. Jeff’s dad was blessed to die a peaceful death in a hospice house in Florida in 2019 and this was an important milestone in finally bringing Our Hospice Houses to fruition.

-Byron Baird

-Daryl and Dana Riegel

-Nikki Mayo

-Mat Naegele

-Paul and Amy Carr

-Billy Popelka

-Rosa Hernandez

-Pat Williams and Mitch McCluhan

-Sandy Ellis

-Susan Fergus

Waco/Robinson Advisory Council focused primarily on Our Hospice House Resale Shop

To begin this project we used donate facilities and volunteer support to start a Resale Shop. In December 2021 we began to take donations, raise awareness and give opportunities for volunteers to support this project. In the future the shop will also help fund the ongoing cost of a hospice house. While this is growing in success we are gathering local interest and financial support to open our first hospice house, a “pilot project”, in Bell county to care for hospice patients at the end of their life. Once we gather more support we will start the second home in Waco/Robinson, Tx. Future hospice houses are planned for Gatesville and Liberty Hill, Tx.

-Mark and Holley Walsh have years of experience caring for hospice patients in the Waco area with Bluebonnet Hospice. Holley’s mom died in a hospice house in East Texas and she has been praying for this project for years.

-David and Sonya Wilson

-Monte and Sandra Michael

-Daryl and Dana Riegel

-Trey Scherwitz

-Don and Marsha Strieber

-Paige Smith

-Pat Williams and Mitch McCluhan

-Rick Caywood

-Paul and Amy Carr

Gatesville Advisory Council

-Charlie Wise. (Honorary) We are truly grateful for all the advice from Charlie Wise before he left this world to be with The Lord. (Feb. 13, 1928 – Aug. 19, 2022). “Well done good and faithful servant.” Mathew 25:23

-Tom Creek

-Marsha and Don Strieber

-Paige Smith

Liberty Hill Advisory Council

-Alan J. and Denise Vincik

-Terry and Kay Williams 

-Mary Lyn Jones 

-Kati Lambert

-Jaton Pittard

-Ricky Mata

-Daniel Duckworth

The Lords Work Board:

-Dr. Jeff Bates, MD and Jennifer Bates, RN, FNP.

Tom and Margie Wright have a love for people and Christ and graciously share their blessings with others. They lost a loved one who died without some at his bedside.

-Dr. Kevin Dwyer, MD, DVM, parents also were blessed to have the benefit of hospice services in their own home.